Natural monuments of Azerbaijan

Natural monuments of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan will surprise you with its nature - there are high mountain ridges and plains, semi deserts and woodlands, seas and rivers. You will be delighted to see the:
- The Greater Caucasus Mountains from the north,  the Lesser Caucasus Mountains from the west and south-west and Talysh Mountains from the south-east are stretching in our country.  Bazarduzu, Shahdagh, Babadagh, Delidagh and Ilandagh   are the highest mountains and mountain tops.  The highest mountain top in our country is  Bazarduzu. It is 4466 metres high.
- Valleys, as Tanga valley, Nehram valley, Yasamal valley, Girdimanchay valley
- Ancient human habitats as Azykh cave and Keshikchidagh cave
- Mud volcanoes
- Eternal flames as Yanar Dag and Ateshgah
- Lakes and Waterfalls. Azerbaijan has many lakes with beautiful view, such as Goygol, Maralgol and Batabat. Goygol, which has been formed as a result of an earthquake on the slope of Kapaz Mount, is a miracle of nature. Due to the water in the lake being very transparent, anything deep down up to 13 metres can be seen. The lake’s water is comprised of three layers: fresh water layer, transition layer and poisonous sulphur layer. The interesting thing is that these three layers do not get mixed with each other. The lake is surrounded by dense forests. 

Tourists relax in resorts of the Caspian Sea; they enjoy diving, go for a drive on water skis, wave runners, boats. Those who wish to improve their shape can visit numerous well-known resorts of Azerbaijan. Owing to the unique microclimate Lankaran and Talysh are considered among the best balneotherapeutic resorts.


Maralgol lake

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Batabat Lake

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“Keshikchidagh” state historical and cultural reserve is located at 75 km distance from the centre o...

Gey Gel (Goy Gol) lake

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Azykh cave

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Caspian Sea

All official and unofficial information resources call the Caspian Sea the largest lake in the World...


Ilandag (Snake Mountain) is a 2415m rocky peak that juts abruptly out of the central Nakhchivan plai...

Mud volcanoes

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